Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails last longer and are stronger than most nail overlays on the market today. It is best to go to a qualified nail technician that has experience with applying acrylic nails; sometimes if not applied properly
they will look thick and fake.

Products & Materials

If you prefer to do this at home on your own then these are the items you will need to apply your own acrylic nails:

  • Cotton balls;
  • Paper towels (the best are nail towels for applying acrylic nails);
  • Nailbrush (so you can scrub your nails after you have filed and smoothed the acrylic nails to prepare them for polishing);
  • Nail polish remover (use a non-acetone because acetone removers will destroy the acrylic nail tips and the overlay);
  • Nail file (to help shape your new acrylic nails);
  • Filing block – 3-way filer (this is a rectangular file with grit on all four sides);
  • Acrylic nipper (this is for clipping off old acrylic nails);
  • Artificial nail tips (you can choose from many different styles for your acrylic nails);
  • Acrylic liquid (choose the type you prefer for your acrylic nails);
  • Powdered acrylic (do not use a cheap brand, it can cause your acrylic nails to lift off and also can cause a
    yellowing effect if you are out in the sun or use tanning beds);
  • Acrylic brush (for applying the acrylic nails);
  • Dampening dish (this is to hold the acrylic liquid while you are applying the acrylic nails);
  • Nail brush (to remove excess powder);
  • Polish (just choose your favorite);
  • Fast-drying topcoat (choose your favorite);
  • Nail oil (choose your favorite).

How to apply the acrylic for your acrylic nails

  1. First, you should use the nail polish remover, then prepare your nails, use the nail file and roughen up your nails a bit.
  2. Have your artificial nail tips ready and set out beside your dampening dish.
  3. Now, add a drop of nail glue and put the acrylic nail tips in place.
  4. Use the acrylic nipper to clip the tips to the size you want your acrylic nails to be.
  5. File down any rough edges.
  6. Now pour some liquid acrylic into the dampening dish and open the acrylic powder.
  7. Dip your brush into the liquid not too much; make sure it is not dripping off the brush, then dip the brush into the powder. A small moist ball should form at the end of your brush.
  8. Apply this ball to the seam and on your natural nail.
  9. Repeat this process; be sure not to get any of it on the cuticle as this can cause lifting.
  10. You will have to make a tiny mound so your nails do not look fake but will look natural.
  11. Apply the liquid and powder to the whole nail including the acrylic nail as to even out the nail and remember the mound.
  12. After your acrylic nails are dry you can then file and shape them the way you way.
  13. Scrub your nails again to remove any excess dirt. Now, you can apply your favorite polish and you are set to go.

You can now enjoy applying your own acrylic nails in the privacy of your own home and save money. But, when you want to be pampered let the nail technician do this job.