Choosing a Nail Salon

Make sure you find a nail salon and nail technician that provides excellent service. There are several things to consider when choosing a nail salon to perform your nail enhancements.

When comparing nail salons, it is important to understand what you are receiving for the cost. When comparing costs, you need to take into consideration the following:

Quality of Nail Products

Many nail salons use inferior brand acrylic and gel nail products. Cheap products result in very poor-quality acrylic or gel nails. Unfortunately, there are many inferior “cheap” products on the market and used by many nail salons. The reason for this is that the better products cost more for the salon to purchase.

Some of the signs of poor quality products are as follows:

Yellow Nails: This is often solely related to the product breaking down and giving the nails a yellow appearance. Other signs are lifting, cracking, and thick minty-like-looking nails.

I use Creative brand acrylic products and IBD gel products. These products are among the best on the market. This will ensure that your completed acrylic/gel nails will look thin, crisp, and natural. Creative products are specially formulated to be non-yellowing and result in perfect pinks and beautiful natural colors.

Time Taken

I reserve sufficient time for your refills and full sets. I allow up to 60 minutes for full sets and French refills. I allow up to 45 minutes for natural refills (backfills). French fills take longer because the whites on the tips must also be filed and filled. This is in addition to the backfill. Many nail salons allow much less time and try to cram as many clients in as possible. I work on quality and allow sufficient time to give you the best-looking nails.

Experienced Staff

Unfortunately, there are many poorly trained nail technicians in the industry. I see this all the time. I have many clients who have approached me because they are disappointed with their nails which have been completed by inexperienced or inappropriately trained nail technicians. I am a qualified Creative nail educator and instructor. This is your assurance of quality work 100% of the time.

Excessive Use of The Drill

The use of the drill can be devastating to your nail beds. If you are feeling pain when the drill is used on your nail bed, then I suggest you find another nail salon. You should feel no pain when your nails are being filed or drilled. Pain is damage! I use the drill in cases where you may have another nail product from another nail salon on your nails and I cannot remove it by filing alone. Some of these cheap product is like cement and can only be removed by drilling! I know how to use the drill correctly and will not damage your nail bed. On my existing clients, I use the drill only to lightly remove the top coat in between fills.

Pain During Filing

If you are experiencing any pain when your nail technician is filing your nails then your nail plate is being damaged. Many incorrectly trained and inexperienced nail technicians cause pain by filing either too hard or using incorrect files with too coarse a grit. My clients don’t experience pain when they visit me. I do want their nail fills to be a pleasurable experience. I often laugh when new clients tell me ” I didn’t realize you could have your nails done without feeling any pain”. Don’t revisit a nail salon if your nail treatment is a painful experience.

Cut Cuticle Areas

It is only on very rare occasions that your nail technician would cut your cuticle by mistake. If it happens more than once then you should find a more experienced nail technician. Cutting the cuticle area is often due to inexperience and nail salons that are pushing to get clients through as quickly as possible.

Are You Riding The Nail Salon Conveyor Belt

You may have seen this in busy nail salons. One nail technician works, on one hand, and the other works on the other. Or one file and one applies acrylic etc. Having different nail technicians working on different hands will often result in your nails looking different on each hand. This happens because nail technicians work differently. They all file differently and apply differently. If your nails look different, that is why.


I offer a 14-day guarantee on all nail enhancements. I haven’t seen too many nail salons offering any sort of guarantee. Why not I ask? After all, you are paying for a service and should have a guarantee. If you have any problems with your nails as a result of my work, then I will fix them at no cost. I am often asked how I can do this. The answer is simple. I have about .01% of clients returning with problems. You see, if you take the time to do the work correctly and use quality products, then your nails will look beautiful and be problem-free.

Good Old Fashioned Service

Perhaps less important than the others is good old-fashioned service. Are you important or do you feel like a number when you visit your nail salon? I know that if I’m not treated as a valued client when I pay for a service then I find another place to spend my money. I apply this principle to all of my clients everyone is special and I go to great lengths to make them feel so. If you are not getting the service you expect, simply find a better nail salon.


While I don’t want to be ripped off by anyone, I know that a quality product often costs a few dollars more. The same principle applies to nail salons. Unfortunately, fierce competition has forced many nail salons to cut corners on nail products and quality of work. You may think you are getting a bargain, but often you will be disappointed because the quality of the work is not what you expected. I see this all the time with my new clients. I believe my prices are very reasonable for the top quality service and work I give you. All of my prices are on this site.

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