Nude Press On Long Coffin Nails

Meet popular coffin nails in maximum length with a trendy nude and gold design! Such a combination of color and design will look great with any outfit, from glamorous dress to trendy legging and top. These are press-on nails that can be easily applied to your nails with glue, that is included in the package. You will need minimum time and effort to apply these nails at home, and you are ready to go! Check out the detailed descriptions to find out the details about this beauty product.

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Press on Long Coffin Nails [24 Pcs] by YoYoee 

1.000+ Ratings

The best coffin nails with a nude beige ombre design with gold glitter elements.

These nails are made of environmentally friendly ABS. Quality glue is included in the package.

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Product description

  • Long coffin fake nails. They are extremely easy to file, paint and apply. They are made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic. This material is extremely strong and non-toxic and does not have any smell.
  • What’s in the package? 24 pcs press on coffin nails, 1 sticker sheet, 1 glue, 1 mini nail file, and 1 wooden stick. Note, that all nails feature different sizes for different fingers. So, you will definitely find the nails that will fit perfectly!
  • What kind of glue is it? It is professional nail glue that is developed specifically for fake nail applications. Make sure to file your nails before applying glue and attaching fake nails for a lasting effect!
  • How long will these nails stay? As a rule, these press-on coffin nails stay for 5 – 10 days.

How to apply these press-on nails?

Here is a detailed instruction:

  1. Use the wooden stick to move your cuticle skin away.
  2. Clean your nail surface to make sure it is degreased.
  3. Next, file the surface of your nails gently to make sure the nails will adhere.
  4. Choose a suitable size of adhesive stickers or nail glue for your nails and stick it on your nails.
  5. Choose the correct size of the press-on nails and stick them to your nails.
  6. Press artificial nails for about 25 seconds to ensure they are tight enough to stay.
  7. You are ready to go! If needed, you can file the shape of your nails when they are applied.
  8. Here is a tip for the lasting service of your nails. Keep away from water for 1-2 hours.