Artificial Nail Tips

How will my nail technician apply the artificial nail tip?

  • Before applying the artificial nail tip your nail technician will choose a tip that is as close to the natural nail shape that they can. The point of the tip should hug the free edge with the sides extending equally. If the tip is just a little small, they will choose the next size. They may use a file to fix the sidelines for a wonderful fit.
  • Their next step in applying your artificial nail tip is to apply a line of artificial nail glue along the free edge of your natural nail.
  • To apply the artificial nail tip, the nail technician will hold the nail tip at a 45-degree angle to your nail plate; then slide the tip gently until it hugs the stop point of the tip.
  • Next, they will roll the artificial nail tip onto your nail plate, hold it and press it down, and hold for about 5 seconds. They will make sure that no air can get under the tip as they hold it down. A tight bond will occur as they hold the tip in place.

You can choose from many different types of artificial nail tips. Your nail technician will be able to explain to you the different types available. They will be eager and ready to help you with all of your questions to ensure that you do in fact get the best artificial nail tip for you. You can find artificial nail tips that are acrylic, nail gel, or wraps. Each one has there own special features.

Acrylic nail tips are one of the most durable. Nail gel is applied to your entire nail and then a nail tip can be added. Wraps come in different types like silk or linen. They usually wrap around a mesh-type product.

No matter which type of artificial nail tip you choose, your nails will look beautiful when applied properly, and visiting your manicurist on a regular basis will help ensure your nails will stay in place and be healthy and beautiful.

You will enjoy your new beautiful artificial nail tips. You will be very happy that you do not have chipped, broken nails. You will be able to show off your wonderful manicured nails that are lovely.